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Please join us for our third Help Us Go PINK charity event September 21, 2019 from 11am-3pm for some food and fun with your family. This year will be our best event to date...We have donations including NFL tickets, autographed hats and jerseys, a fire pit, gift cards ranging from $20 to $200 for game stores, hair salons, and much more...the raffle will be a great chance to donate and win some excellent prizes the entire family can enjoy...

For 2019, Help Us Go PINK focuses on How do you color your PINK? Breast cancer is a shared experience...everyone knows someone. This years theme focuses on that shared experience. 

Breast Cancer is represented by the color PINK, everyone has a story, How do color your PINK means what's your story because everyone matters and everyone can make a difference!

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Help Us Go PINK 2014 where it all began...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year families struggle with loved ones experiencing the physical and emotional turmoil that comes with the diagnosis, fight, and loss associated with breast cancer.

In an effort to honor those who have survived, remember those who have passed, and support all those who are touched by A Fight for LIFE…

The President and Founder, C. Katherine DeStefano, of NHCS, Inc in connection with H.O.P.E., Inc dyed her hair PINK during the month of October 2014. You helped make that happen by giving, that is...donating your time, your services, your products, and your dollars. Thank you! We raised $5000.00 to help charities who support families during their experience with breast cancer. Monies were donated to the Pink Out, George E.Thorne Development Center, and Susan G. Komen.

Help Us Go PINK October 4, 2014. From left to right my father, my step mother, my niece, my mother, me, and my brother. 
They all came to see me go PINK! 

Help Us Go PINK is a charity event hosted by H.O.P.E., Inc and sponsored by NHCS, Inc with the intent that 100% of the donations can be directed towards needs within the community. The of the proceeds are being directed to three organizations, Pink Out, George E.Thorne Development Center, and Susan G. Komen that support women and their families during their experiences with female related cancers. Essentially, they help families maintain their lives through paying expenses, honoring their experiences, and being a presence through the entire process while the families focus on saving a life. 

H.O.P.E., Inc would like to invite you to attend our charity event to help families remember to live their lives while they focus on saving a life. Please join us September 21, 2019 from 11:00am until 3:00pm to enjoy Help Us Go PINK!

Come wearing PINK but please be comfortable. It is a day for relaxation, fun, food, music, and a little bit of magic...

Located at 120 Foxshire Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 right off of Fruitville Pike from Route 30 near the Park City Mall.

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Thank you for your support!

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